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To organize a tour for your clients or employees? Slavia Hotel is your ideal partner. Hotel is located in the heart of the spa triangle, which together form the city Franzensbad, Marianske Lazne and Karlovy Vary and all the way into the 50 kilometers from our hotel. Group rates vary depending on the season and availability of capacity of our hotel Slavia. Therefore, please first contact.
Cheb Castle
the center of the medieval town of Cheb is an urban conservation area. Cheb Castle - the only remnant of the Palatinate in the country with a unique double chapel , built at the end of the 12th century by rebuilding an older stone castle on a Slavic settlement. The Roman emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossa started building it in the 1179th During the reign of Frederick II . at the beginning of the 13th cent. was built unique twin chapel . Today there are three preserved Romanesque buildings : The Black Tower - built of volcanic tuff , double storey chapel Romanesque - Gothic - Chapel. Erhard and Ursula and ruined palace with a unique five-part Romanesque windows . In areas casemates is an archaeological exhibition on the early history of the city. The exhibit kamnářství shows impressive Chebská stove work of Willi Russ from in 1941 - 1944. Cheb castle is open seasonally from April to October .
Chap is a symbol of Cheb Square. It consists of a bizarre complex of 11 houses divided Kramarska street, which grew from 13 century on the place of either a meat market . According to the oldest show of 1472, the plan of these two blocks essentially maintained until today. It was demolished third row of houses that stood on the west side of the square .
Pedestrian Zone Cheb
the project is linking architectural pedestrian zone with an urban conservation area. Part of the revitalization is also creating artwork in the form demogramu ( cover drainage marrow communication shall bear the selected data from the history of the town of Cheb ), which will go through all the basic lines of the area and the creation of the statue at the top of the square. Pedestrian zone in the center of Cheb form of Liberty street , which leads from the Square of King George of Podebrady and ends at the train station. Reconstruction of the pedestrian was in the passage from King George Square from the European Poděbrad street and include the related sections of streets Šlikova, Armored Brigade, Comenius and Májová .
" Landscape " in Cheb
This unique place serving residents and visitors to relax and recharge your batteries in a few years built " Krajince " in Cheb. The whole area starting from the dam dam Skalka and continues along the river Eger to the area of the Cheb castle , then up to the house of children and youth " Owl " . There are varied to find the flower show , then a lot of green space throughout . Visitors can meet the hosting various cultural events , newly built footbridge across the river with a view. There are also many facilities for children , kluzavky , sand , etc. There is also a sufficient number of benches for everyday relaxation.
Dam Jesenice
One of the cleanest dams in the Czech Jesenice near Cheb invites you to camping, water sports and fishing. Good Conditions will find a swimming lovers and fans of surfing , sailing and diving. On his coming to the little ones , to be on the water slide or in the playroom . The dam is a known tensile stopover for waterfowl . The purest water in the cleanest lakes in western Bohemia can be found at Hotel & camping Fisherman's Bastion.
KARTARENA Ypsilonka Cheb
the complex covers an area of ​​over 70.000 m2 and is dominated racing circuit with an asphalt surface , built according to international automobile federation FIA - CIK and off-road track for Supermoto . The complex includes of course the necessary technical and social facilities for organizing races and other sporting events . The facility also includes a large main service building that offers a restaurant for 80 people with a panoramic terrace , a capacity to accommodate a modern training center. The facility is operated karts to the public with daily traffic ( ) .
Franzensbad are far from Cheb, just 5 kilometers and is the smallest spa of the famous West Bohemian spa triangle. Like Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne boast very rich in natural mineral springs. The spa was founded in 1793 and today has been keeping its spa atmosphere with historic architecture and beautiful parks .
Aquaforum Franzensbad
From summer 2006 to Francis inherently new luxury spa Aquaforum - indoor water park and outdoor pools.
Golf Resort Franzensbad
He is the youngest and most beautiful golf courses in the Czech Republic. Just beyond German borders in Hazlov at Franzensbad waiting sport challenging 18 -hole golf course . It was opened in 2002 in the charming landscape of protected nature area of ​​the Odra river basin . 18 tracks of international standards was a natural harmoniously integrated into the landscape.
Chamber Hurka
Chamber hurka is our youngest volcano - was in operation prior to 850,000 years ago, even occurred and the view that its activity ended a mere 350,000 years ago. On your honor is not obvious - it's low, partly wooded hill between Cheb and Franzensbad . A prominent crater formation that we can find , however, is not the original crater , but the old quarry . About the Chamber Hurka interested poet JW Goethe. For the history of geology Chamber Hurka almost sacred place . Goethe's also an admirer - indeed, there is also a memorial - a rock and a commemorative plaque relief of his head.
Seeberg or Cliff Castle
This castle was built in the late 12th century and served as a military fortress . The first written mention is from 1322 and it says that Ludwig of Bavaria stopped Chebsko King John of Luxembourg in return for a promise of support for his candidacy for the imperial throne . The pledge remained unfulfilled and the whole region became the property of the Czech Crown. In another document from 1349 confirms Karel IV . Seeberg castle belonging to Bohemia. In 1434 he became the owner of a rich burgher Cheb Kaspar Schlick . After the family Šliks became the owner of Caspar Juncker , who bought the castle in 1461. Other owners of the castle often changed and eventually was many years in the administration of the town of Cheb . Visitors can explore the castle every day from mid-March to mid-November. At present, the castle offers visitors an ethnographic collection exhibited represent the interiors of 19th century .
Nature Reserve SOOS
It is located 6 km northeast of Franzensbad. Was declared in 1964 on an area of ​​221 ​​hectares, but only part of this 1,2 km long nature trail with descriptions and explanations. It is a vast bogs and fens , where a large number of mineral springs and sulfur ohličitý in the mofetas - mud volcanoes. The trail leads along the dry bed of the lake , which had salt (mineral ) water. Today you can find a European rarity - the so-called diatomite shield - accumulated diatomaceous earth from the shells of lacustrine diatom algae deposited on the bottom of the lake. It is a " moonscape" furrowed by erosion and covered with yellow and white layer of mineral salt. The reserve is home to a number of protected animals and growing are numerous wetland and salt-loving plants. There is a nature trail 1.2 km , geopark , a museum with an exhibition "Nature Chebsko " and "Nature SOOS" a new pavilion with exhibition " History of the Earth ." Palaeontological exhibition shows large reproductions of paintings of Zdeněk Burian and models of prehistoric dinosaurs in life-size .
Butterfly Farm Žirovice
On the ground floor , visitors have the opportunity to see a large collection of exotic and domestic butterflies. In the first floor - in a greenhouse with tropical climate - the visitors walk among free- flying butterflies.
of Pilgrimage Mario Loreta - Old Hrozňatov
the westernmost Loreta in Bohemia in the Old Hrozňatov in Cheb. Built by the Jesuits in Chebští years 1664-1689 . After the expulsion of the Germans in 1945 abandoned building . Recovery of Loreto in the Old Hrozňatov was after the political changes in 1989 realized thanks to the generous financial support of the company Loreto- Verein Waldsassen . The chairman of the company, and the initiator of the whole rescue was Mr. Anton Hart , a native of the neighboring village of New Hrozňatov . Today it is again a meeting place for Catholics from the Czech Republic and Germany. Attracting many tourists from the Czech Republic from all over Europe .